What People Are Saying

“The entire loan process was handled very professionally. Could not be more pleased with the level of service that Julie provided.”

John E.

“Julie did a great job of explaining the process from beginning to end. She was kind and patient. Made it a memorable first home purchase.”

Abraham C.

“I am 67 and still working.  I work on commission and those months when business is slow, it is difficult to pay my full mortgage payment.  Julie, recommended that I get a Reverse Mortgage and use it as a conventional mortgage as I told her that I will sell and downsize in the next 5 years and need as much equity as possible.
Those months where business is slow I either make an interest only payment or none, and those months when business is good, I make a full mortgage payment.  This option has really reduced my stress! I never knew I could make payments on a Reverse Mortgage.”

Kathy G.

“My wife and I have 9 years to pay off our mortgage, and decided we were done making a monthly mortgage payment. We have 3 kids all grown, and with good jobs. We got a Reverse, so we could travel and spend money on our grandchildren while we are alive to see them enjoy it.”

Stu and Mary H.

“I am 65 and getting ready to retire.  I bought late in life and have 20 yrs left to pay on my mortgage. I have a lot of equity, a good pension, and social security.  I decided to get a Reverse Mortgage so I will have more cash flow, and honestly, I cannot see myself paying a mortgage until I’m 85.”

Jim T.