The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) backs loans made through private lenders. These loans are guaranteed in part by the VA if the applicant both qualifies for and follows the guidelines of the loan.

  • Low or no down payment
  • Refinance up to 120% of the home’s total value
  • May eliminate mortgage insurance
  • Less documentation, fewer fees



With very few exceptions, all members of the military (past and present) in good standing are eligible. Members of the National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserves can also qualify, as well as the surviving spouse of a military member who died during their service or as a result of a service-related injury.

Active members of the military can apply after six months of enlistment. If you are in the reserves or part of the National Guard, you will have to wait six years before applying, but if you are called to duty than the standard 6 months applies (this time frame is reduced to 90 days during active wars.)

You can apply for a Certificate of Eligibility online, but you can start the mortgage process before you have it in hand. The fees you incur depend on how much you put down and what type of military member you are. There are 10-, 20- and 30-year fixed rate loans available as well as 5-year Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) options.

There are no official limits when it comes to a VA loan, but there are limits to how much the VA will guarantee. In Orange County, you can borrow up to $636,150. There are Jumbo VA loans available through up to a $1.5 million.



Final Approval Will Depend On The State Of Your Finances And Current Financial Means.

  • No official credit score requirement
  • Buyer must show income to repay loan
  • Only available to pay for the primary residence (e.g., no vacation homes)